Inspiration :: Her Majesty The Queen

It has been an extraordinary few days in my adopted country. All of it to celebrate this extraordinary woman.
Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

I have been positively enamored with all the pomp and circumstance. This country blows my mind sometimes! As for the Queen, I don't really think it matters if you serve from a place of extreme privilege or a place of little means. The woman may be ridiculously wealthy, but she is, at the end of day, a servant. And I, am a fan. I have to admit, I am struggling a bit with the 'God Save the Queen' song - we have quite different words for that tune in America. ;)


noreen said...

hello beth, watching from across the pond, it looked like a great celebration! that flotilla was most impressive. i don't know the song "got save the queen". what words do we sing? joy to you!

The Style Curator said...

Hi Noreen, It's the British National Anthem, but it's the same tune as "My Country Tis of Thee". So ours is all about freedom, etc. and theirs is all about how awesome the Queen is, or something.